School was touted in Education Week as being a genuine 'turnaround' because they went from 5% to 25% in math in one year and from 22% to 45% in reading in one year.

It was part of a series of articles about the turnaround of this school

The stats are just based on math scores of the 100 11th graders and reading scores of the 100 10th graders, NOT the entire school as the article suggests..

All we can say is that 20 more 11th graders met the cutoff in math and 20 more 10th graders made the cutoff in reading from 2010 to 2011. Nothing more. No miracle. Might be a fine school, but good test scores don't prove that just as bad test scores don't prove a school is not good.

True they had 5% passing math in 2010 and 25% passing in 2011, but over past five years, the scores tell a different story.

Math proficient percent
2007 24%
2008 20%
2009 18%
2010 5%
2011 25%

The 5% was a serious outlier, so should not be used to hail improvement. They are back to 2007 level.

Reading proficient percent
2007 41%
2008 39%
2009 26%
2010 23%
2011 45%

The scores started dropping when the current principal took over and now he's gotten them back to their 2007 levels.