Listed as one of 8 successful turnarounds by Mass Insight

Large Morris High School was shut down in 2001 and replaced with 5 small schools including this one.
Graduation rate was 27% before.

They got an A on their 2011 progress report.

One stat they did poorly on was called 'College Readiness Index' in which they scored a 2.9% compared to 6.8% for their peer group and 21.5% for the city average.

"This metric measure the percentage of students in the 2011 cohort (all students who entered high school four years earlier) who graduated and met the Regents exam, SAT, and/or course standards for passing out of remedial coursework at the City University of New York (CUNY), by August 2011."
Schoolbook has much more detailed information than the progress report.

For example, their average SAT score, out of 2400, was a 1010. Keep in mind that you get about 750 points on the three sections for just writing your name on the paper.

Regents passing rate is below average on all tests except math which they were average.
English 49%
Math 52%
Science 24%
History 44%

According to their 2009-2010 Comprehensive Information Report, they had ZERO students taking any math regents beyond the 9th grade level Integrated Algebra. That is ZERO taking the Geometry Regents, ZERO taking Trigonometry. And still, just 52% passed this test which only requires getting about 40% correct to pass!

Though they claim a large graduation rate, the 2010 cohort, according to their accountability and overview reports, they had in:
2006-2007 127 9th graders
2007-2008 99 10th graders
2008-2009 79 11th graders
2009-2010 77 12th graders