Kings County
District 18

2009-2010 data
220 students
56% free lunch

2008-2009 data
  • Students 145
  • Poor 73%
  • White 1%
  • Black 88%
  • Hispanic 8%
  • Asian 3%

Unusually high drop in free lunch from 106 out of 145 in 2009 to 124 out of 220 in 2010. 73% down to 56% in one year.
Must have attrition with replacement of students.

Only 42% of the 55 students passed Integrated Algebra Regents while 0% got better than an 85%. This test is so easy that to pass, with the curve, students only needed to get about 30 points out of 87 possible points, which is 34% correct. With random guessing on multiple choice, they should be able to get 14 of the needed points . City pass rate is 58%, which is actually pretty sad too.

Teacher turnover 62% in 2008-2009

Mentioned in NYT op ed
Perhaps most surprising, some schools have shown that these changes can be made without spending more money. Brooklyn Generation School replaced most administrators with teachers and staggered all employees’ schedules, allowing it to increase learning time by 30 percent without additional cost. Class sizes have been reduced and the burden on teachers lowered. Last spring, 90 percent of seniors graduated on time. Remarkably, when these students entered high school, only about 20 percent were at grade level.