May 7, 2012 article by the principal which began
"Getting 100 percent of a school's students into college is incredibly simple. I should rephrase that: The key strategies are simple, but the deeply emotional and personal work it requires is incredibly hard."

This school is part of the Noble Network of charter schools which infamously fines students for disciplinary infractions and raised about $400,000 doing it.
Comer had the lowest amount of fines, which is good.

To put this accomplishment of 100% students (note, he says students, not graduates) into context, I checked the attrition rate and the achievement rate for this school.

Started in 2009 with 153 9th graders. In 2011 had 104 11th graders, which was a 32% decrease. Not yet released how many of those 104 got into college, but already is a stretch to call it 100% as only 68% even made it to 11th grade.

LEP %: .2% vs. 13.1% for District.
Low income: 86.1% vs. 86% for District