Was featured in the 2000 book 'No Excuses'

Article about school after the turnaround

From that article:
In 2009, the school’s scores on the ARMT showed 100 percent of third and fourth graders and 98 percent of fifth graders met or exceeded proficiency standards in reading, while at least 98 percent of each of those student groups met or exceeded proficiency standards in math."

In 2013 had nearly 100% meet standards in reading and in math.

But these tests had very high pass rates throughout the state of Alabama
2013 ARMT
5th grade Reading
School 98.4
District 90.8
State 88.9
5th grade math
School 100
District 94.8
State 92.6

Alabama is near the bottom of NAEP scores so the 90% state pass rate for both tests indicates that the 2013 test was very easy to pass.

New harder tests adopted in 2014 and AL scores dropped from 90% to under 50%

According to the Alabama Department of Education website

George Hall has performed even below the state average on the most recent 2014 tests.
To find their scores, the district is Moblie County.

Grade 3 Reading 6% vs 35% for state
Grade 4 Reading 17% vs 38% for state
Grade 5 Reading 30% vs 35% for state
Grade 3 Math 40% vs 52% for state
Grade 4 Math 53% vs 45% for state
Grade 5 Math 41% vs 39% for state

So George Hall is well below state average for reading in all grades and about the same, on average, as math.

Common core tests, according to reformers was going to show that we've been lying to ourselves when suburban schools did well on the old exams. Will reformers concede that the George Hall miracle was less than genuine?