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Goldmine of research challenging P.R., including the one about how only 18% of students now attend failing schools compared to 60% pre-katrina.

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googled 'are new orleans schools actually improving'
which says that charters are doing well, but the comments suggest this is a farce and there is a lot of test prep and attrition.

List of 39 New Orleans High Schools

46 schools

Duncan says Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans schools

KIPP district has 4 schools
Students who are aspiring to attend a site of the Orleans Parish School Board, in grades 5 and 9 during the 2011-2012 school year, must test and pass the English language arts and mathematics portion of the grade 4 or 8 LEAP assessment that is applicable. If your child is registering in an Orleans Parish School Board site for grades 5 or 9 of the 2010-2011 school year prior to February 14, 2011, he/she will be required to take the Iowa Placement Test and pass the English language arts and mathematics portion.

Making sense of different districts:
There is the Recovery District RSD
Orleans Parish

Dropout Adjustment Statistic
From principal's school report card
Dropout Adjustment
The Dropout Adjustment is the mechanism within Louisiana’s accountability system which ensures that a school’s SPS
will not improve simply because the lowest performing students in the school have dropped out. The Dropout
Adjustment does this by applying specific weights, or adjustment factors, to the assessment results of Grades 9, 10,
and 11. The adjustment factors, and the formulas in which they are used, are designed so schools that keep their
dropout rates below 4% will have their scores adjusted upwards; while schools with dropout rates exceeding 4%
will have their scores adjusted downward.
• The Grade 9 i Leap assessment data are adjusted using the grade 9 adjustment factor.
• The GEE ELA and Math assessment data are adjusted using both the grade 9 and grade 10 adjustment factors.
• The GEE Science and Social

Have not been able to get breakdown by grade for enrollment. Is this out there?

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